The Good Doctor
(OOC: Dropping Dr. Light)

(I couldn’t think of words for him, but.. I’m going to have to drop Dr. Light.  I’ve been slowly losing my muses, and I think coming back too soon probably didn’t help me any.  The Tumblr RPs are going far too fast for me to keep up and there’s been many times it’s made me feel left out of things.  Sorry for any inconvenience)



Whoops! Looks like at least one of them was in their room. And it was Jewel Man, of all brothers. Startled by the door being kicked open, Tornado Man fell backwards with a yelp and gawked. Oh, goodness. Look at Jewel Man with that robe, those slippers, and his pink hair in curlers. If he had that green face mask on, Tornado Man would’ve mistaken him for a monster.

“Oh, uh… hi, Big Bro Jewelie! S-sorry about that. I was just….—”

Oh boy. Tornado Man failed to escape from Dr. Light. Looks like it’s time to face the music.

“Well, uh… I drank juice earlier today. And then water later after that….” 

Hey, it’s technically the truth. Even though he knows that’s not what his creator wants to know….

“…. But last night I snuck over to hang out with a friend and we drank alcohol. There, I said it.”


Jewel just stared at Tor with a stone-cold gaze. Heck, it wasn’t even that warm of a gaze, if it were just stone-cold then Tornado Man could’ve survived it. Jewel leaned close and hissed.


Dr. Light sighed, listening as the two spoke, or in Jewel’s case.. yelling.  Not only did Tornado drink the alcohol as Rock had said, but he’d outright tried to lie about it as well!  Sure.. maybe he just didn’t want to get himself into trouble, but the fact of the matter was that he already was in trouble.

"Tornado Man.. all I wanted to know was the truth.  I’m not angry with you, but you need to understand what could have happened.  As young as I built you, your body might not be able to even handle such a substance, and you could have gotten into much trouble with the authorities.  I’ve already lost you boys once..  I don’t want to lose you again."

Yes.. Tornado was going to have to be punished for this.  He needed to learn it was not ok to go out and do this sort of thing.

"You’re grounded for the remainder of the week.  I don’t want you leaving the house unless supervised by a responsible adult, sibling or me."



Rock came to me earlier, telling me that you had a drink. Is this true?
image “…. What drink? Water? I-I….”

And Tornado Man suddenly started running down the hallway screaming, desperately pounding each of the bedroom doors of his older brothers (whether or not they’re even in there).
“Big Bro Elecky! Put me on the electric chair! Big Bro Fire! Burn me at the stake! Big Bro Cretey, hit me with a concrete block! Big Bro Jewelie— wait. Is he still working at his store?”


Jewel had kicked his door open in a rage, wearing an insanely fluffy pink robe with white slippers that read ‘MISS BIOTCH’ and his looooong pink hair in curlers, and was glaring at Tornado. Looks like Jewel was about ready to go to bed.


Whoa, whoa…  What was going on here.  There was no need for all this screaming, and all over a question.

"Boys, boys.  Calm down.  I just want to know if you did or did not drink, Tornado Man."

Doctor Light, Tornado drank alcohol.

What?!  Thank you for telling me, my son.  I shall speak with him as soon as I can.  *pats Rock on the head*  You did the right thing in telling me.

Hey, Pops. Have you tried sleeping with style?


How do you feel about Time Man?

Time Man?  Why, I love and care for him like every one of my creations.. my children.  I do wish to finish him one day, but.. after what has happened with Quint and the Dimensions.. I believe it’s best that we do not meddle with time any more than we already have.  I do have other ideas of what I could do with him, though.

Just One More Day

Just one more day until Halloween, my children.  Does everyone have their costumes together, or shall we make one final round to the store?  Digging around my old clothes, I found this old costume that still fits.  Perhaps.. I shall wear this?

TMI Tuesday
Papa~, are you going to pass out candies this year?

But of course, Snake Man.  Though if one of my children want to do it instead I am perfectly fine with that.  Though I still haven’t picked out my costume this year.

*narrows eyes* Did yew rilly need tah yews th' bathrewm dat bad?

I beg your pardon.  I was not the one in the bathroom at the time.